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Create better shopping experiences by understanding and predicting customer behavior.

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Rethinking the shopper experience

Our category management platform, Castle, allows you to engage within product design, line review, assortments, showrooms, and market research both for internal teams and external audiences quickly and efficiently.

Using realistic 3D environments and models, businesses can create immersive showrooms on existing or notional retail channels, or create a whole new commerce solution for B2B and D2C.

All use cases allow a business to leverage category management, planogramming, data collection, and data analysis built into our automated cloud-based platform.

Improve your business strategy

Create a better shopping experience

Bring immersive shopping to your visitors by integrating our asset library and 3D shop window into your existing ecommerce website. Go further and have a fully immersive virtual showroom designed for B2B and consumer shopping. Capture visitor analytics and analyse trends across your products.

Understand customer decisions

Using behavioural research and analytics, find out how customers make purchase decisions. We use sophisticated statistical designs coupled with realistic immersive environments high quality data so you can choose the best strategy for new innovation, pricing, marketing, packaging updates and much more

Predict customer behaviour

Look ahead at how customer behaviour and spending habits affects the market share across the whole category. Simulate and see what happens when competitor products are on offer and learn what you need to do to counteract. We can also help with understanding when it is best to introduce your new packaging and innovation ideas.

Much more...

Bring your brand into the Metaverse and collaborate across the business internally or with your customers on a platform that puts data at the heart of everything you do.

Our work

Here are a few projects we have recently completed for some of our customers.

Platforms and delivery

We deliver highly sophisticated, interactive, immersive, and fully shoppable projects over the internet, everywhere in the world. Our platform and shopping experiences are all based in the cloud, all processing is done by us so no need for you or your customers to have expensive, top of the range computers.



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Exxon Mobil
Mars Pet Care
Plum Organics
Estee Lauder

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