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Take a Virtual Realities MasterClass

Understand the most important trends and use cases of virtual and augmented reality in your industry. Learn, Identify, Experience and Enjoy the XR Masterclass! 


to navigate the rapidly evolving VR/AR ecosystem


opportunities for your business and discuss high level feasibility


Experience the most up-to-date AR/VR tech and try relevant use cases


Connect with your colleagues  by discussing the future of your business


Our international trainers are all VR First certified. We are covering Germany, Austria and Switzerland & expanding to many more locations soon!


All Workshops contain the following flexible Modules. All workshops are customized with content specific to your business line and industry.

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Over 50 Workshops given by 14 trainers across 5 countries. Please ask us for references, we are happy to have you talk with previous clients!

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How VR/AR Changes Human Resources


Rahel Demant

How VR/AR Changes Marketing

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Social VR - How to live in the future of reality