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About Us

VR First was funded by a consortium of HTC, Intel, Oculus, Springboard, Mixcast and Futuremark. Read the Launch Article on Techchrunch.
The idea behind: Support academic institutions around the world to teach VR/AR skills to students and immersive technology enthusiasts. Until today, 55 VR First labs have been supported around the world, with 22 in Europe, 15 in North America, 3 in South America and 5 in Oceania and Asia.

Today, these labs are key hubs for VR/AR community meetings, nurturing and inspiring talents to work on and with immersive technologies and serve.
Our team is based in Frankfurt, Germany.
VR First Labs Around the World:

From our network, we are regularly recruiting the best VR/AR experts, updating our presentations with the newest research available and most impactful use cases from your industry.
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